The aims and the objects of the Association shall be as under:

  1. To work for the educational upliftment of the rural and general public specially for Muslim Community.
  2. To start, establish & run schools & Coaching, with an object to provide sound pre-primary, primary, secondary and senior secondary education to the children.
  3. To support financially or help to the poor, old and infirm people and/ or destitute.
  4. To organize medical camps and blood donation camps for the general public..
  5. To provide scholarship to economically weak & intelligent student for pursuing higher studies of spiritual , academic and technical natural.
  6. To print, publish , sell or distribute books specially of ALLAM SYED SULAIMAN NADWI,MAULANA SYED MUNAZIR AHSAN GILANI , MAULAN ABDUL GANI WARSI ASTHAWANWI, etc. and other books which is related to Asthawan, Desna& Gilani on no profit no loss basis for the promotion of the society.
  7. To arrange and manage the training institutions in Typing, Shorthand, Computer, Fine Arts, Music, Painting, , Yoga, Physical Education and in other professional training subjects.
  8. To arrange/ organize discussions, seminars, conference and other lawful gathering for the promotions of Aims and Objects of the Society.
  9. To establish and manage various kinds of Educational, Vocational, Industrial, and Training institutions to introduce and develop the professional course.
  10. To arrange/ provide all kinds of educational facilities to the students such as Library and study rooms.
  11. To provide free education to the poor, helpless and needy children/students.
  12. To distribute prizes to motivate the students, to achieve their goal.
  13. To arrange and organize social, religious, cultural, and educational Functions / programs from time to time.
  14. To conduct coaching classes for preparation of the various competitive examinations.
  15. To organize maktab for religious education (Deeni Taleem) for Muslim children.
  16. To print and publish monthly magazine/ news letter for promotions for improvement of writing skill of a student.
  17. To organize sports Tournament.