Al-minar Deeniyat Center Asthawan

United Welfare Association Started a Maktab for the basic education of Islam and for Qur’an of Muslim boys and girls in February 2012, called the Al-Minar Qur'an Center. In this Maktab, in the morning and in the evening session, the children who go to school are given basic education of Qur'an and Islam.

Pic :Beginning of Al-Minar Quran Centre

In 2016 this Maktab rearranged in the form of an organized Maktab under the syllabus of the Idarra- e – Deeniyat, Mumbai and its name has been changed from the Al– Minar Qur'an Center to Al-Minar Deeniyat Center.

Alhamdulillah, at present there are 5 batches running for both boys and girls in this Maktab in the morning and evening session. There are separate batches for boys and girls. Apart from children, this Maktab is also running batches for adults. The total number of students studying in this school is up to 150.